Local Dog Owners Clean Up Park

clean up parkSaturday March 15th, local residents and dog owners on behalf of DowntownDog NYC rallied to do a good deed for the community, by “digging” in, and picking up trash and garbage scattered about the Battery Lawn in Battery Park. The dog “officials” were in full “pack” mode, running about, overseeing the entire event “barking” out their commands, as the owners toiled on. The event was a BIG success as witnessed by the numerous bags of garbage collected and disposed of. Thank you to the DowntownDog NYC volunteers, who helped make this happen!

clean up park 2

Stray Live Voltage on Sidewalks Throughout City & Boroughs


February 19, 2014 | NYCdog (the New York Council of Dog Owner Groups) has issued an emergency alert for dog owners in all 5 boroughs. There have been numerous reports of dogs and their owners being shocked from sidewalk voltage — including the death of a 50 lb. dog on Sunday, Feb 6th in lower Manhattan.

The predicted warm weather combined with street flooding over the next few days are likely to trigger more incidents of dogs and their owners receiving shocks.

NYCdog urges all pet owners to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings. Avoid manhole covers, sewer caps, metal gratings, Con Edison repair sites as well as all overhead scaffolding at constructions sites. The public is urged to call 911 if you or your dog are shocked.

If you suspect your dog is receiving a shock, dog owners should not touch their pet or the ground. Pet owners are advised to immediately about face and use their leash or other non-conductive object to maneuver their pet away from the area — voltage may increase as you travel forward.

For more information, please email: info@NYCdog.org