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Training tip managing your lunging and barking dog: a three week reboot to get you back on track

This article appeared in the AKC Canine Partners News – online newsletter Fall 2015. I thought this was an interesting article, due to the fact that my dog had obedience training by the person mentioned in the Article Brian Burton, Co-founder of Instinct Dog Behavior & Training LLC in New York City.

Downtown Dog shares Site Suitability Analysis

theBattery_SiteSuitabilityFall2015As part of the ongoing dialog with the NYC Parks Department, the Downtown Dog NYC is making it’s Site Suitability Analysis results available for open comment by the public. This analysis utilizes a 3D model developed by the group, which includes¬†NYC opendata as well as new GIS data collected in the field.

You can access the interactive study directly at this link:


–UPDATE– on the CB1 meeting held last night

IMG_2171 IMG_2174During and after the DDOG presentation, there was great feedback from CB1 and Commissioner Castro. The Board voted unanimously in favor of the previous 2010 resolution (which suggested that the Parks grant DDOG a trial off leash period) and Commissioner Castro, commented that he would take everyone’s comments and feedback under advisement and respond quickly. All in all, we received positive feedback from everyone.

Will keep you posted as we hear more….

CB1 Board Meeting

Hi all – this is a reminder that Downtown Dog will be presenting to the CB1 Board Meeting, October 7. Please come out and show your support for Downtown Dog and the efforts for off leash privileges.

The address is 1 Centre St Room # 2202 N. The meeting starts promptly at 6pm and we ask that members and supporters get there early and seated before 5:45pm. Please allow a little extra time to go through the security check in the lobby. There is enough seating for about 20 people and it would make a statement if we can fill all the seats with our Downtown Dog T shirts on!

The presentation will last roughly 4-5 minutes, which will be followed by Q&A from CB1 Board Members. After that it’s open to the public for Q&A. During this time, anyone from the audience can make a brief statement in support of Downtown Dog and establishing off leash privileges. After that everyone is free to leave or stay.

This is an exciting step for us, so please come and share in the excitement.


P.S. I would like to personally thank Ben and Joe for all the work done in preparing for the presentation and volunteering to speak on behalf of Downtown Dog.

CB1 Update

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick update that we will NOT be presenting at the CB1 meeting tonight. We’ll let you know as soon as we are confirmed on the agenda for a future meeting, most likely in September now.
Thanks for all your continued support, and enjoy the summer!!!

Enjoying a summer afternoon in the Battery
Enjoying a summer afternoon in the Battery